Terms & Conditions


1. A Customer Service of our store will use best efforts to satisfy a Purchaser with his/her purchase.
2. In the case of any problems You should contact us using a contact form available on our website (Contact tab).
3. In the case when You receive no answer to the submitted message during 24 h, please submit the message again or use an option of Live Support.
4. Confirmations of payment made directly to the bank account must be submitted from the bank website in the form of the PDF file.
5. In the case when You do not receive an ordered product within 24 h from entering a payment in the accounts, please contact us without undue delay.
6. We provide a 3 month warranty for all titles from our store (except a situation when another warranty period is indicated on the packing).
7. A received key should be activated within 3 months from receiving an executed order.
8. Activated, blocked, cancelled keys cannot be returned.


9. Goods offered in ekeys.us should be ordered using a form with a shopping cart available on the website.
10. A Client by filling out and submitting an order form places a purchase offer in the ekeys.us firm in the meaning of the Civil Code.
11. Each Client should sign up entering his/her personal data, address, telephone number and, first of all, e-mail address.
12. We do not adjust improperly placed orders or orders from the Clients who have not entered their complete personal data. Such orders shall be cancelled.
13. Orders are executed on the same day, however we reserve a right to execute them max. within 72 h.
14. Orders can be placed through a e-store within 24h/7 days all the year round. Orders which are not placed through an e-store will be adjusted on the working days and on Saturdays up to 14:00. Orders which are not placed through an e-store on Saturdays and during holidays shall be adjusted on the next working day.
15.Orders which are not confirmed during five working days (for example, our employee cannot get through to a Client on the telephone, a Client does not respond to our e-mails) shall not be realized and will be assigned a Cancelled status.
16. Prices of all goods offered in the store are expressed in USD. In the case of payment by credit card or Paypal, transactions are subject to additional control for security reasons.
17. We reserve a right of withdrawal of the respective products from a sale, suspend the execution or cancel each order for security reasons and to suspend any suspicious account. As a fraud prevention method, we do not allow purchases made via an anonymous proxy or proxy-server.
18. An order is executed automatically by a managing system immediately after entering a payment in the accounts or up to 2 working days in the case of orders which are not placed through an e-store. Codes for games are submitted electronically at the entered e-mail address. Submitting goods is free of charge.
19. You can resign from goods purchased in our store (withdraw form concluding a sales and purchase agreement) within 14 days from placing an order without giving any specific reason. It can be done only before making a payment for an order.
20. When there is not any possibility to execute an order or a change of prices, our employee will immediately contact You and notify about this fact. 


21. All complaints shall be adjusted within 72 h, we ask to submit an order number, a received message and a key for a game or a program at : support [at] ekeys.us
22. A Customer Service shall have a right to ask for access data to the digital distribution platform or for a remote access by Teamviewer in the case of more complex problems or when there is no possibility to verify them without an access to the Purchaser’s hardware.
23. Hardware problems which disable using a game or errors in the game are not a subject to lodge a complaint and return it. Modifications made in games after releasing it  (such as adding or deleting an option) are independent from us and all problems connected with this should be reported to a game producer or a platform support on which the game has been activated. Descriptions of the sold products, hardware requirements, available language versions, etc. are supplied by the producers or editors therefore we are not liable for their conformance with an actual condition of the game.